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Sometimes Luck is with You
Travelling around BC is not without an unplanned adventure every once in awhile. Unfortunately sometimes pre-trip maintenance is just not good enough when the event happens. Then, by chance, it seems that someone or some power is looking out for you when an unplanned change in your schedule happens.

Fort Fraser
Not enough can be said about the generosity and support from the people of Fort Fraser. This small village is located just west of Vanderhoof and east of Fraser Lake along Hwy 16 - the Yellowhead. These people can really come through for you when you're in a jam.

Rising Heat Gauge
Imagine you're driving along the highway and you notice the heat gauge on the motor suddenly rises. You pull over to check the oil, look for visual clues, then head off. All of a sudden the gauge increases more and the fan belt makes squeaky grinding noises.

Leaking Coolant
Next thing you notice a gas station and pull in. You get out of your car, open the hood and notice coolant spewing out the lower radiator area. Have you experienced this?

Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart
It's not so bad if you're travelling next to a large centre with a Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart handy with tow trucks readily available. But in Fort Fraser, a quick blink and you're through the community of not more than a gas station, a pub, a motel, and a church.

Good Friday
Not only that, the day happens to be Good Friday with absolutely no parts store open for possibly the whole weekend with the closest store being in Vanderhoof. The time is 1 p.m. and the plan of driving to North Vancouver is slowly looking like it's going to be off for a few days until the stores open the next week.

No Mechanics Available
Now stranded in the now-typical gas station with no mechanics available, what do you do? All of sudden one friendly local comes by and troubleshoots the problem, "Ya that's the water pump." Then he tries as he scratches his head to figure out where in town to get one. "Too bad everyone's away". He feels bad that he can't take one off his buddy's car. "He's away - I should ask."

"Do You Need Help?"
Then a cashier, now cognizant of our problem asks, "Do you need help?" "My husband's a mechanic, perhaps he can help you."

Endako to Fort Fraser
She phones him on the store's phone. After a quick conversation it becomes apparent that he knows a place where you can find the part. It turns out his friend Bill may have your part. After using the store's phone, Bill thinks he might have a used water pump. James, the mechanic, phones back to Bill and picks up the part in Endako, then drives 30 minutes to Fort Fraser to fix your problem.

James efficiently does the job while chatting with the local Petro-Canada owner and a few of the friendly locals. Then he says the part is $60 and that will be an hour for his labour. Not only did James do the job, but he also had to drive back to his home in Endako 30 minutes away. Man, this is incredible service, especially on Good Friday!

"This is Unbelievable"
You put in the water, check the oil then start the vehicle and the temperature is normal. This is unbelievable; the time is 3 p.m., you're back on the road. In two hours you have a major breakdown, find the problem, find an honest mechanic, meet very friendly people and get the vehicle to run better than ever.

Thank you, Fort Fraser
Thank you, Fort Fraser, from now on a stop at the 24-hour Petro-Canada for gas and snacks is a sure thing!


Engine Problems in Fort Fraser
Engine Problems on Good Friday


Helpful and Friendly People of Fort Fraser, BC
Lots of helpful and friendly people


Petro-Canada Station in Fort Fraser, BC
Fort Fraser Petro-Canada


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