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New Aiyansh
New Aiyansh is the largest of the communities of the Nisga'a First Nation. It is situated near the Nass River, just north of Terrace. Other communities that make up the Nass Valley and the Nisga'a territory are Greenville, Canyon City, Kincolith and Nass Camp.

First Nation history
In accordance with a BC Government policy that recognizes First Nation history, certain names have been changed and may be present when you travel the Nisga'a Highway to New Aiyansh. Look for these changes at the highway sign when you leave Hwy 16 and Terrace.

Traditional Nisga'a names
For Kincolith, the name is now Gingolx; for Greenville, it has been changed to Laxgalts'ap; for Canyon City, Gitwinksihlkw and, for New Aiyansh, Wii Lax Kap. The Nass River will be known in the Nisga'a Nation as K'alii Aksim Lisims.

Kitsumkalum Lake
Driving north from Terrace the Nisga'a Highway passes the eastern side of beautiful Kitsumkalum Lake. On the north end of the lake is the very small community of Rosswood. Leaving here you pass over the Cedar River, eventually coming to Lava Lake and the Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Park.

Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Park
This is the site of BC's last volcanic action approximately 250 years ago. Make sure you take the time to visit the lava beds. The creeks and rivers that come off the rock formations have an aqua green colour, making the scenery absolutely beautiful.

Kitsumkalum Lake
Another route to New Aiyansh and the lava beds involves taking the West Kitsumkalum Forest Service Road that goes on the western side of Kitsumkalum Lake. Access to this road is just past Fisherman's Memorial Park where the bridge crosses Kitsumkalum River on Hwy 16 going towards Prince Rupert.

Forest Service Recreation Sites
There are two really nice Forest Service Recreation sites on this side of the lake. One is called Redsand Beach, the other Hart Farm. Both have real nice sandy beaches, offer wilderness camping plus access to the lake. There are several trails around if you like walking with great scenic views.

The Lisims Centre
Once at New Aiyansh, visit the brand new Nisga'a Administration Building, the Lisims Centre. The Nisga'a now has managing powers over a large landscape covering the Nass River valley.

Chief Joe Gosnell
This historic document was negotiated by a team of hereditary elders including Chief Joe Gosnell. Joe Gosnell was instrumental in obtaining the landmark Nisga'a First Nation Treaty and at one time recommended to be the next Governor General for Canada.

Nass Camp
Once leaving New Aiyansh, the road passes Nass Camp logging camp facilities that use to house the various loggers that logged the Nass Valley through the years. Nass Camp has a lodging facility called the Bil-Nor Tillicum Lodge.

Bil-Nor Tillicum Lodge
Here you can find a restaurant, motel, pub, general store, RV Park, wilderness campground, showers, laundry, sani-dump and gas sales. There is also a small landing strip available for airplanes. Please check with the lodge for any restrictions or closures for using the airplane facility.

Cranberry Junction
After Nass Camp, the restricted road travels north east to a major junction where you can either go towards the ghost town of Alice Arm and Kitsault or to Cranberry Junction located at Hwy 37. If you go towards Cranberry Junction, the restricted road will eventually lead to Hwy 37.

Alice Arm
Alice Arm was a silver mining town during the 1920's and '30's but was eventually closed down. Across the bay from Alice Arm the molybdenum mining town of Kitsault was built, only to be abandoned in 1980. Kitsault was later sold in 2005 as a private town. These two areas can only be accessed by boat or seaplane.

Pine Mushrooms
During the fall season this area is full of mushroom pickers who come from all over the country to pick the valuable pine mushrooms where in Japan it is needed for ceremonial purpose.

Gold Rush
At Cranberry Junction the area turns into a type of shanty town, reminiscent of the Gold Rush Era complete with buyers and sellers of mushrooms. Nicknamed the 'Zoo' the area is abuzz with tales of fortunes being made from the lucrative trade of picking pine mushrooms.

South to Kitwancool
Once at Hwy 37, you can head north to Meziadin Junction and Alaska, or go south to Kitwancool (Gitanyow) and the junction at Kitwanga (Gitwangak) on Hwy 16.

Bear Country
Just remember if you are enjoying the provincial parks and the countryside around British Columbia, please remember this is bear country. Try to avoid the rivers during heavy salmon spawning times unless you feel comfortable with bears around and take the usual precautions. There is also the possibilities of encounters with wolves or cougars so please play it safe.



New Aiyansh
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Highway sign on Nisga'a Highway
Highway sign on Nisga'a Highway


Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Park
Nisga'a Memorial Park - Lava Lake


Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Park
Nisga'a Memorial Park


Kitsumkalum Lake
Kitsumkalum Lake


Lisims Centre - New Aiyansh
Lisims Centre - New Aiyansh


Church - New Aiyansh
Church - New Aiyansh


Road into Nass Camp
Road into Nass Camp

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