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McLeod Lake
McLeod Lake is located approximately 130 km (81 miles) north of Prince George and 46 km (29 miles) south of Mackenzie on Hwy 97.

Simon Fraser
The community has the distinction of being the oldest European community west of the Rocky Mountains in modern-day Canada. It was settled in 1805 by explorer Simon Fraser first named as Trout Lake Fort, a North-West Company outpost for supplying furs for the supply chain from Fort St. James through the Peace River country.

Archibald Norman McLeod
The outpost was later named Fort McLeod after Archibald Norman McLeod, a political figure and merchant from Montreal who became in charge of the settlement. The name eventually became McLeod Lake.

Tse'Khene First Nation
Today McLeod Lake is a small community made up of mostly of the aboriginal Tse'Khene First Nation McLeod Lake Indian Band living on McLeod Lake Indian Band Reserves No.1 and No. 5. The McLeod Lake Indian Band has established an economic and social factor throughout the region with the establishment of Duz Cho Logging, Duz Cho Construction and through the online newsletter, The Traveling Feather.

McLeod Lake General Store
Besides the First Nations' settlements there is an unincorporated community of McLeod Lake mainly consisting and centering on the small McLeod Lake General Store located on the Hart Highway (Hwy 97). The store sells mainly convenience items, serves as the local post office and has a liquor outlet.

Bear Lake
For fuel and other accommodation, you can find it at Bear Lake about 60 km (40 miles) to the south on Hwy 97 where there is the Grizzly Inn Restaurant Motel & RV Park and Petro Canada Service Station. Also located at Bear Lake is the campground found in Crooked Lake Provincial Park where you can find another nice sandy beach. For more selection of accommodation the other option is to travel on Hwy 97 north of McLeod Lake to the junction and turnoff for the larger centre of Mackenzie.

Sandy Beach
For swimming, McLeod Lake has often been considered to have one of the best sandy beaches to visit north of Prince George on Hwy 97. To find the beach, go to the Whiskers Point Provincial Park. Although it can be cold, the lake water is clear and the white beach faces south providing excellent sunsets while relaxing during the afternoon sun periods during the long days of June through July. Whiskers Point Provincial Park also has a campground if you would like to stay and enjoy the surroundings.

Carp Lake Provincial Park
Located on the north side of McLeod Lake is the turnoff for Carp Lake Road (McLeod-Tsilcoh FSR) and the more wilderness-like Carp Lake Provincial Park. If you enjoy boating, fishing kayaking or canoeing, Carp Lake Provincial Park has tremendous opportunities for doing everything. Situated along the Carp Lake Road are recreation sites found at Warhorse Lake and Sekani Lake, a boat launch on Iroquois Lake, then the provincial campground at War Lake where you can find the short trail to War Falls, the provincial campground in Carp Lake at Kettle Bay and the numerous remote camping sites found along Carp Lake and at Munto Lake.

McLeod-Tsilcoh FSR
The McLeod-Tsilcoh FSR near the west side of the park changes to non-maintained gravel and eventually hooks up near the McKinnon Esker Ecological Reserve with the junction road for the Muskeg Falls Carp Lake Circle Tour back to Bear Lake and Hwy 97. If you continue on the McLeod-Tsilcoh FSR west, it becomes rougher and more remote eventually meeting up with the Germansen FSR where you can go either north towards Germansen Landing or south to Fort St. James and eventually Hwy 16.

Take Caution for Moose
If you happen to be travelling through McLeod Lake, especially during the wintertime, take extra caution for moose foraging along the side of the roads. The whole Fraser Basin and Interior Plateau of British Columbia is highly populated with this animal and, during the years, many vehicle encounters have occurred on the highways. Also, because of the high moose population, in certain times of the fall season, the area is highly sought after as a hunting destination so expect to see some small recreation sites full of campers.

Bear Country
Just remember if you are enjoying the provincial parks and the countryside around British Columbia, please remember this is bear country. Try to avoid the rivers during heavy salmon spawning times unless you feel comfortable with bears around and take the usual precautions. There is also the possibilities of encounters with wolves or cougars so please play it safe.

Logging Roads
Also when you are travelling into and around McLeod Lake area by forestry roads that a lot of the roads are maintained and operated by private logging companies. Please keep in mind that logging trucks always have the right of way, so drive with your lights on and keep in mind that vehicles must use pullouts and yield to logging trucks at all times.

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Fort McLeod Historic Site
Fort McLeod Historic Site


Tsek'ehne Cemetery
Tsek'ehne Cemetery


McLeod Lake General Store
McLeod Lake General Store


Whiskers Point Provincial Park
Whiskers Point Provincial Park


Beach at Whiskers Point
Beach at Whiskers Point


Carp Lake Road
Carp Lake Road


Pack River
Pack River

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