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The Hazelton area is comprised of three small communities called: Village of Hazelton, referred to as Old Hazelton; District of New Hazelton and the unincorporated settlement of South Hazelton. The Hazeltons are located 290 km (180 miles) east of Prince Rupert and 60 km (45 miles) west of Smithers on Hwy 16.

Gitksan and Wet'suwet'en First Nations
The region around New Hazelton is the traditional lands of Gitksan and Wet'suwet'en First Nations. The abundant salmon, wildlife and natural resources made the Hazelton area an excellent place for habitation for thousands of years.

Collins Overland Telegraph Line
The Hazelton area has played an important role in British Columbia's historical past. The first Europeans arrived around 1866 in Hazelton when the Collins Overland Telegraph Line went through.

Gold Rush Era
Hazelton provided a terminus for materials and workers passing through en-route into the Atlin and Cassiar regions. Later, during the gold rush era, people passed through Hazelton en-route to the gold fields to the Omineca Region.

Roche de Boule
Surrounding New and South Hazelton is the incredible Roche de Boule mountain range. This Roche de Boule range forms just west of Smithers near Trout Creek and extends past South Hazelton to Kitseguecla. The view of 2,076 metre (6,811 feet) Hagwilget Peak from Hazelton will take your breath away.

Visitor Info Centre
When you're at New Hazelton look for the Visitor Centre on the west side of town near the Chevron station. Look for the signs and directions for the Kispiox Valley and Old Hazelton on the New Hazelton Hi-Level Rd. You will find the Canyon Bridge approximately 3 km (2 miles) from Hwy 16.

Bulkley River Canyon Bridge
One of the best spots for you to get a view or camera shot is across the Bulkley River from New Hazelton in Two Mile. This involves going across the famous one-lane Bulkley River Canyon Bridge over the Bulkley Canyon towards 'Ksan Centre and the Village of Hazelton. The suspension bridge has a span length of 140 metres (459 feet) and a height 80 metres (262 feet) over the Bulkley River

Excellent Viewpoint
Once you're over the Canyon Bridge carefully watch the traffic and pull over. There is an excellent viewpoint of the bridge, Bulkley River to where it almost joins the Skeena River, Canyon Hagwilget Peak and the rest of the Roche de Boule.

'Ksan Historical Village and Museum
If you carry on past the Canyon Bridge, the 'Ksan Historical Village and Museum is along the way by another 3 km (2 miles). It is located very close to where the Skeena and Bulkley Rivers meet. Allow yourself some time for 'Ksan especially if you are interested in First Nation culture, art and tradition.

'Old Town'
Just past 'Ksan by around 1.6 km (1 mile) is historic Old Hazelton or affectionately called 'Old Town.' Old Hazelton maintains the look and feel of a frontier town from the past. In the 1890s, riverboats working the Skeena, delivered supplies to Hazelton for the various merchants, expediters and pack train operators.

Village of Hazelton
Today in the Village of Hazelton you'll find the services of restaurants, grocery store, hospital, liquor store, pub, post office, library, several government offices and a coffee shop called Mercedes Beans. You can also find a pedestrian walkway featuring several viewpoints situated next to the banks of the Skeena River.

Kispiox River
The Hazelton area is also the site where the Kispiox River flows into the Skeena River. If you like to fish, the Kispiox River will offer you a great variety of fishing including excellent fly-fishing opportunities. You'll find the trip up into the Kispiox Valley very beautiful with mountain views and incredible wildlife.

The Kispiox Valley Road is located just off the New Hazelton Hi-Level Road near the provincial government buildings just before 'Ksan at the Gitanmaax Food & Fuel Esso Convenience Store. From here you travel north along the Kispiox Valley Road to the First Nations village of Kispiox.

Kispiox Valley Road
For the more adventures after you leave Kispiox continue on the Kispiox Valley Road all the way to Hwy 37. The gravel forestry road will come out by Swan Lake-Kispiox River Provincial Park just north of the Cranberry Junction on Hwy 37. Please remember there is active logging going on the Kispiox Valley Road so be prepared.

Hazelton Information


Kispiox Valley



Map of Hazelton, BC
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Roche de Boule Mountain Range
Roche de Boule Mountain Range


Hagwilget Peak
Hagwilget Peak


Bulkley River Canyon Bridge
Bulkley River Canyon Bridge


Bulkley Canyon
Bulkley Canyon


Hazelton Village Office
Hazelton Village Office


'Old Town' Village of Hazelton
'Old Town' Village of Hazelton


Skeena River
Skeena River in Winter


Skeena River in Summer
Skeena River in Summer


Hazelton Visitor Centre
Hazelton Visitor Centre


Omineca Building
Omineca Building


Bulkley River
Bulkley River

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