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Fraser Lake
Fraser Lake is located 160 km (100 miles) west of Prince George or 570 km (356 miles) east of Prince Rupert on the Yellowhead Hwy 16.

Canadian National Railway
Fraser Lake is a small community whose major employers are the Fraser Lake Sawmill, Endako Molybdenum Mine and the Canadian National Railway bunkhouse located east at Endako. The village gets its name and is situated on the southwest side of Fraser Lake.

170 Lakes
Around the Fraser Lake area, there are approximately 170 lakes in an 80 km (50 mile) radius. Flowing between the lakes are slow meandering streams providing nesting and feeding areas for a large migrating bird population.

'Swan Capital of the World'
A large number of Trumpeter Swans reside at Fraser Lake. The village is referred to as the 'Swan Capital of the World.' A popular spot to view birds is at White Swan Park - a day-use facility located right in the village close to the lake.

Francois Lake
Fraser Lake is about 18 km (11 miles) long. It is fed water from the west by the Stellako River. The Stellako River flows from a very large lake close by called Francois Lake. Francois Lake is about 125 km (78 miles) long.

Mouse Mountain
For a good view of Fraser Lake, take the trail up Mouse Mountain located on the east side of the village.

British Columbia's shortest river
On the east side of Fraser Lake is the Nautley River. The Nautley drains the lake into the Nechako River. At .8 km (.5 mile) long, the Nautley River has the distinction as British Columbia's shortest river.

Trumpeter Swans
Occasionally, you can spot large numbers of Trumpeter Swans feeding here. Take the Beaumont Provincial Park exit on Hwy. 16, just west of Fort Fraser, to access the Nautley River.

Beaumont Provincial Park
If you like sandy beaches and great swimming, try this park. Complete with campground and a boat launch, Beaumont Provincial Park is an excellent spot to either have a highway break or stay the night.

If you enjoy bird watching and seeing wildlife, there are some great trails in the area. Use the Beaumont boat launch and view the native pictographs located on the granite face, close by at Nautley Village.

Fraser Mountain
For a great view of the lake, go up 1,053 m (3,455 ft.) high Fraser Mountain. The trail entrance is between Pipers Glens Resort and the Beaumont exit, on Hwy. 16 east towards Fort Fraser.

Recreational Activities
Take the Beaumont turnoff and carry on that road to about halfway. Here you can find a great sandy beach with a concrete pad boat launch. There is a 10 km (6 miles) hiking trail through Ormond Creek Canyon to Ormond and Oona Lakes. For rustic camping you can try Peterson's Beach on the north side of the lake.

Columnar basalt
Hike up Red Rock, Table Mountain or Red Bluff a columnar basalt outcropping located on the north west side of the lake. Take the road at Stellaque and drive five to ten minutes for the trail.

Kenny Dam and Cheslatta Falls
Take a trip to Kenny Dam and Cheslatta Falls. You need to drive on the Holy-Cross F.S.R. located at Lejac which is halfway between Beaumont Park and the village of Fraser Lake. You will have to use this road only on the weekend because there is high logging truck activity during the week; it is about 59 km (37 miles) to the falls. Stay at the campsite located near the Spillway.

Forest Service Recreation Site at Cheslatta
There is a small walk-in, walk-out Forest Service campsite located here. It's about 1.5 km (1 mile) up from the 18 m (59 ft.) high Cheslatta Falls The trail is quite steep and you have to be very careful but the trail is incredible as it traverses through forest and rock.

Kenny Dam
Kenny Dam is very interesting. At one time, this was the world's largest earth-filled dam. Built for Alcan Works at Kitimat, it has a very large reservoir for exploring, boating, fishing and wilderness camping.

Special Note:
The Alcan Spillway campsite is quite large with a boat launch capable of handling larger boats. The campsite is free and is first-come, first-served with no reservations available.

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Fraser Lake at Peterson's Beach
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Beaumont Provincial Park
Beaumont Provincial Park


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