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Fort Fraser
Fort Fraser is a small village located 135 km (84 miles) west of Prince George and 25 km (15.5 miles) east of Fraser Lake on Hwy 16 'The Yellowhead.'

Grand Trunk Pacific Rail Line
Historically Fort Fraser has had small sawmills and has been part of the Grand Trunk Pacific Rail Line from Prince George to Prince Rupert.

'The Last Spike'
In April 7, 1914, the last spike was driven 1.6 km (1 mile) east of Fort Fraser completing Canada's second trans-continental railroad. The Grand Trunk later merged with Canadian National Railway in 1923.

Retired People and Large Ranches
Today not much industry exists in Fort Fraser with the mill closed down and the railway building long gone. The residences are made up of retired people, ranches, and people who work in the bush or the molybdenum mine at nearby Endako.

24-hour Petro Canada Station
There is a 24-hour Petro Canada Station in Fort Fraser along with an elementary school, motel and church. Shopping and services are very limited with most people going to Vanderhoof for medical, restaurants, and shopping facilities.

Last Spike Pub
If you feel like something to eat there is pub fare at the Last Spike Pub located near the CN Railway tracks. If you have kids under 19 you will have wait until either Vanderhoof or Fraser Lake for greater restaurant selection.

Fraser Lake
Snowmobiling is very popular during the winter months along with trapping, ice-fishing and cross-country skiing. In the fall you can go walking, hiking, fishing and hunting throughout the many trails that are in the backcountry especially by Fraser Lake.

Friendly and very helpful
People in this part of British Columbia are friendly, very helpful and tend to look after one another, especially out on some of the forestry backroads that are all over the country. You can read about a little luck ourBC.com experienced during one travel adventure through Fort Fraser.

Nechako River
Along Hwy 16 you'll cross one of British Columbia's most controversial rivers the Nechako just before Beaumont.
The Nechako River was dammed further on upstream from Fort Fraser in the 1950's to help supply the water for the generators at Kemano for Alcan aluminum works in Kitimat.

Beaumont Provincial Park
There is some great water sport recreation farther west by 5 km (3 miles) on the east side of Fraser Lake at the beautiful Beaumont Provincial Park. You'll really enjoy the lake if you have small kids as the lake bottom tends to stay shallow in the swimming area.

Stuart River Provincial Park
Other areas to explore around Fort Fraser include the Stuart River Corridor, which was the original route of explorer Simon Fraser and long used by the Carrier First Nations.

Bear Country
Just remember if you are enjoying the countryside around Fort Fraser, please remember this is Bear Country. Try to avoid the rivers during heavy salmon spawning times unless you feel comfortable with bears around and take the usual precautions. There is also the possibilities of encounters with wolves or cougars so please play it safe.



Map of Fort Fraser
click map for larger image


Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway


Hwy 16 through Fraser Lake
Hwy 16 through Fraser Lake


First United Church
First United Church


Lending a hand to each other
Lending a hand to each other


Beaumont Provincial Park
Beaumont Provincial Park


Nautley River
Nautley River

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