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The Village of Lytton is located 108 km (67 miles) north of Hope and 37 km (23 miles) south of Spences Bridge on the Trans-Canada Hwy 1. Lytton sits at a point high on a mesa overlooking the Fraser River and where its largest tributary the Thompson River merge.

Fraser and Thompson Rivers
To get an excellent view of where the confluence of the two rivers meet, go to O'Dwyer Park. Located right in Lytton off Hwy 1, O'Dwyer Park is easy to reach with a northerly view towards the Fraser and Thompson Rivers. Another viewpoint to look at the rivers is by taking Hwy 12 towards Lillooet and park at the Thompson River Bridge and walk over.

Nlaka'pamux Nation
Also known as Kumsheen, Lytton has been home to the Nlaka'pamux people for over 10,000 years. The Nlaka'pamux Nation presence throughout this area is well defined with various tribal councils and Indian band offices found along the banks of the Fraser and Thompson Rivers.

Lytton Days
These take place during the long weekend in May. This family fun event will surely please you. Lytton Days feature a pancake breakfast, a parade, crowning of the May Queen and a slow-pitch tournament, all followed by a street dance.

"Rafting Capital of Canada"
Lytton's claim to fame is the amount of river rafting expeditions that are present in the Thompson and Fraser Rivers. Besides "Canada's Hot Spot," Lytton is sometimes referred to as the "Rafting Capital of Canada." You will find river rafting pure fun with an adrenaline rush. One local operator, Kumsheen, has been offering rafting adventures since 1973.

The Kumsheen Rafting Resort
Still operated by the Fandrich family, Kumsheen has grown into a full resort offering lots of adventure besides the rafting. The Kumsheen Rafting Resort features a pool, kayaking, disc golf learning, rock climbing and rappelling plus guided trips down the Fraser River for Sturgeon fishing.

Lytton River Festival
The Lytton River Festival celebrates the historical roots, culture and relationship that Lytton has with the Fraser and Thompson Rivers. Come visit this event on the Labour Day long weekend in September.

If you are fascinated with the stories and the history of The Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian National Railway in the Fraser Canyon, try visiting Siska located just south of Lytton. Siska is the point where the CPR and the CNR have bridges so that they can switch to either side of the Fraser River.

Stein Valley Nlaka'pamux Heritage Park
The Stein Valley Nlaka'pamux Heritage Park was established after many years of protests because of environmental and First Nation concerns. Both ecological and aboriginal groups saved this truly spiritual place from potential damage if logged. The park is located due west of Lytton across the Fraser River.

Reaction Ferry
To get to the west side of the Fraser River you have to take the reaction ferry. The ferry which uses the strong current to help propel itself across the Fraser River is located just 1.6 km (1 mile) north of Lytton on Hwy 12.

Stein River
Once on the other side go to where the Stein River joins the Fraser River. Here you will find a very large native petroglyph on a rock.

Panoramic Landscape
If you enjoy rock hounding or taking landscape pictures Lytton will offer you some good opportunities. Throughout the backcountry you will find many areas with steep rock canyons, mesas and hoodoos so full of brilliant colour from all the content of the minerals. Then, with this landscape contrasted against the deep blue sky, the panoramic views are breathtaking.

Botanie Valley
For wildlife viewing a good place to go is up the Botanie Valley. In fact a herd of California Big Horn Sheep are known to graze near the entrance. To get there, you take Hwy 12 towards Lillooet and turn up the Botanie Creek Road just outside Lytton. Snowmobilers and cross-country skiers will also love the Botanie Valley for some of the backcountry areas that are available.

Lytton Visitor Centre
If you come to Lytton and need some help finding accommodation or directions please visit the Lytton Visitor Centre. The centre is located at 400 Fraser Street right in town. Also, if you need help planning your trip to Lytton, call the Visitor Centre at (250) 455-2523 for more information.

A few things to remember if you do go in the backcountry: Take plenty of water and dress accordingly for possible ticks or snakes. Please be very careful with the train traffic that is present in the area these are the main lines to Vancouver for CNR and CPR. Also be respectful of the native burial grounds and get permission from the local band office to travel on traditional lands.

Hwy 12 to Lillooet
Lytton lies at the junction of another route change to Vancouver. Try taking Hwy 12 to Lillooet instead of the usual route of Trans-Canada-Hwy 1 to Hope. Once at Lillooet the road goes through Duffy Lake to Mount Currie, Pemberton and Whistler. Although this trip is a little longer, the route can offer endless recreational pursuits along the Sea to Sky Hwy 99.



Map of Lytton
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Thompson River Canyons
Thompson River Canyons


Siska Bridges
Siska Bridges


Kumsheen Rafting
Kumsheen Rafting


Coal Train at Siska
Coal Train at Siska


Fraser River Rafting
Fraser River Rafting


Reaction Ferry
Reaction Ferry



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