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Located approximately 18 km (11 miles) south from downtown Nanaimo is the small community of Cassidy. Cassidy is made up of some mobile homes parks plus a few small farms and acreages situated on either side of Hwy 1.

Nanaimo/Ray Collishaw International Airport
The Nanaimo/Ray Collishaw International Airport is located along the east side of Hwy 1 at Cassidy. Then farther south from Cassidy on Hwy 1, approximately 9 km (6 miles) away, is the town of Ladysmith.

Cassidy Businesses
Cassidy is home to a number of businesses operating in the area. There is the Cassidy General Store, The Trading Post for feed and tack and, if you enjoy golf, try the Cottonwood Golf Course, a challenging 18-hole course located off Haslam Rd. near the north side of the airport. If you would also like to stay in Cassidy there are a number of clean B&B's and RV resorts in the area.

The Cassidy Pub
As you're travelling on Hwy 1 through Cassidy, you will see a notice an empty lot on the east side of the highway at Beck Road. This used to be the site of the Cassidy Pub, the local watering hole for people living in Cassidy and the neighbouring community of Cedar but unfortunately it has disappeared due to neglect.

Rest Area
Next door to the old pub site there is a public rest area for highway travelers. If you have an RV, there is some good parking plus washrooms and picnic site.

Cassidy Country Kitchen
At the rest area is where you'll find a local favourite the Cassidy Country Kitchen.

WildPlay Nanaimo
Just across from the old Cassidy Pub on Hwy 1 at the Nanaimo River Bridge is WildPlay Nanaimo. Definitely one of the main attractions in Cassidy, WildPlay Nanaimo offers great excitement with a jump of around 44 metres (143 feet) off a bridge into an incredible pool on the Nanaimo River and a canyon zip line.

Nanaimo River Road
In order to access WildPlay Nanaimo you have to take the Nanaimo River Road exit from Hwy 1.

Nanaimo River
Cassidy is situated near the Nanaimo River, a river famous for its fishing. There is an annual Steelhead run plus Coho salmon, cutthroat and Rainbow trout available.

Salmon Hatchery
You can view the Nanaimo Salmon Hatchery just off Beck Road on Rugby Road just north of the airport. Look for the signs and make sure you visit between September to October to view the spawning salmon and between March and May to see the juvenile salmon in the outdoor pens.

River Trail
One swimming hole you can quickly reach is 3 km (2 miles) past WildPlay Nanaimo on the Nanaimo River Road. Look for the trail that leads towards the river. Please remember to obey the posted signs plus be aware of the hazardous currents and dangerous rocks along the river. Some people in the past have experienced serious accidents with some fatalities occurring.

Nanaimo Lakes Area
If you want to hang out and relax near the Nanaimo River, try discovering the Nanaimo Lakes Area. A chain of four lakes can be found approx. 25 km (15.5 miles) up the Nanaimo River Road from Hwy 1. The fishing is good April to June and then later in September or October with both cutthroat and Rainbow trout present.

Just remember that the forestry company, TimberWest, actively logs this area so there are large logging trucks on the backroads. There is a company security gate that you'll have to pass through to get to the lakes. This is where you buy a camping pass.

The campsites are about 30 minutes past the gate with a few boat launches available. Please contact the camp coordinator for the Nanaimo Lakes Operation - (250) 729-3767 for public access times.

Green Mountain
The Nanaimo Lakes area also has various trails to hike, horseback ride and mountainbike especially around the Green Mountain area. Once the site of a small ski hill, Green Mountain is all but a large abandoned A frame which looms over the property. During the winter there is great backcountry skiing and snowshoeing throughout the old ski runs. If you like there are organized tours that visit Green Mountain.

Trans-Canada Trail
If you enjoy using the Trans-Canada Trail you can get access to it from three points near Cassidy.

  • Take Timberlands Rd. located at the light on Hwy 1 at the south end of the Nanaimo Airport. Travel just past the Rondalyn Resort to the parking lot and trail head. Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge is a short distance from here. Unfortunately the trail is not that well marked and can be hard to find.
  • Travel to the end of Spurston Rd. to a parking lot. At this time the bridge over the Nanaimo River is not complete so you have to go south to the Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge near the Rondalyn Resort.
  • Go up Nanaimo River Road past the White Rapids Road turnoff. Continue for another approx. 7 km (4.4 miles) to the white gates and a small sign pointing out the trail. You can either travel south to the Nanaimo River (no crossing) or take the Pipeline Trail north to the small community of Extension and beyond to Nanaimo.

Nanaimo River Regional Park
If you happen to be in Cassidy a great spot for a visit is the Nanaimo River Regional Park. Located just north of Cassidy the regional park has a series of well marked, easy going trails, and great for nature viewing. To get to the Nanaimo River Regional Park, turn either at Thatcher on Hwy 1, then Emblem Rd. or off Hwy 1 onto Fry Rd.

Morden Colliery Provincial Historic Park
Going towards Nanaimo by 11 km (7 miles) is the community of South Wellington and the site of the Morden Colliery Provincial Historic Park. This place is where the Pacific Coal Company operated in the early 1900's and also a recreational trail called the Morden Colliery Trail which goes to the Nanaimo River. To get here you turn east at the Morden Rd. traffic light on Hwy 1.

Mountainaire Campground and RV Park
For those who don't know Cassidy was once home to a 1/4 mile clay race track that closed at the end of the 1999 season because of recent zoning law changes. You can find some remains of the Cassidy Speedway located on Spruston Road. Now located on part of the property is the Mountainaire Campground and RV Park.

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Map of Cassidy, British Columbia
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Cassidy Tempo
Cassidy Tempo


Cassidy Pub is no longer here


Country Kitchen
CassidyCountry Kitchen


WildPlay Nanaimo
WildPlay Nanaimo


Nanaimo River Swimminghole
Nanaimo River Swimming Hole


Nanaimo River Swimminghole
Nanaimo River Swimming Hole


Harmac Water Intakes
Harmac Water Intakes


Timberland Pub
Timberland Pub


Mindy's Bridge
Mindy's Bridge


Mindy's Bridge
Mindy's Bridge


Rondalyn Resort
Rondalyn Resort


Morden Colliery Historic Park
Morden Colliery Historic Park


Cassidy Farm Market
Cassidy Farm Market

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