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Bamfield is located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island directly across from Ucluelet in Barkley Sound.

Getting Here
To get here you will have to drive in on gravel via forest service roads from either Port Alberni 85 km (53 miles) away or 152 km (95 miles) from the Cowichan Lake community of Youbou.

If you go past Youbou, make sure you visit the First Nation settlement of Ditidaht previously called Nitinat which is on the way to Bamfield. Just remember there is active logging going on so be prepared for logging trucks.

'Venice of North America'
The Bamfield community is made up of two areas called Bamfield East and Bamfield West which are separated by a small ocean body called Bamfield Inlet. Bamfield because of the ocean commuting is often referred to as the 'Venice of North America.'

Water Taxi
When you arrive at Bamfield by road you enter into Bamfield East. In order to get to Bamfield West, you have to have a boat or take the water taxi available at the government dock which is at the west end of Grappler Road.

Barkley Sound and Broken Island Group
The ocean fishing for salmon and halibut around Bamfield has to be some of BC's best. Situated near the fishing grounds of Barkley Sound and the Broken Island Group, Bamfield is very centrally located. If you require some local knowledge to help catch the big one, there are various fishing guides and resorts at Bamfield.

Bamfield East
You'll find most of the town services on Grappler Road in Bamfield East. The two main meeting places Tides & Trails Market & Café and Bamfield Trails Motel/Pub are entreat the edge of town. There is also the Bamfield Kingfisher Marina plus Float Plane Dock near here if you're arriving by boat or seaplane.

Visitor Services
If you continue on Grappler Road you'll also find Breaker's Marine, Artisan's Cottage and the Visitor Info Centre. At the end of Grappler there is also the Centennial Park/Campground and the public boat launch, anchorage and washrooms. The Sunbeam Fishing Resort & Campground is located close by at Port Desire.

BMSC - Bamfield Marine Station
You'll also find in Bamfield East the Bamfield Marine Station which is located on approximately 3.0 kilometers of waterfront at the confluence of Grappler and Bamfield Inlets. Established in 1972, this facility has brought together world-class research biologists, ecologists and oceanographers to help study and understand aquatic life off of Canada's Pacific coastline.

Bamfield West
Bamfield West is the real serene part of Bamfield. Surrounded by ocean along Mills Peninsula, the community is made up of small houses and resorts dotting the water. The main transportation route in Bamfield West is a .8 km (.5 mile) boardwalk that goes along the shoreline of Bamfield Inlet.

Explore the area
When you're over in Bamfield West, try exploring the area using either the Boardwalk or parts of the historic Cape Beale Trail to Aguilar Point. There also is a short trail that goes to a beautiful beach called Brady's Beach which overlooks Trevor Channel and Barkley Sound. You can also stay in Bamfield West at a variety of lodges that offer fishing charter services.

Bamfield Boardwalk
The hiking and walking around Bamfield is great. There are short ones like the one to Keeha Bay or longer ones like the Cape Beale Trail. For people who like serenity and uniqueness the Boardwalk in Bamfield West is perfect.

West Coast Trail
You can also tackle the West Coast Trail which goes from Pachena Bay near Bamfield to Port Renfrew through Pacific Rim Park. Remember reservations are required and the trip requires about 5-7 days. Online booking reservations and permit can be made through the Parks Canada website or by telephoning 1-800-435-5622.

Pachena Bay Campground
Definitely the place to camp when you're in Bamfield has to be the Pachena Bay Campground. This campground is located 3 km (2 miles) south of Bamfield at the northern end of the West Coast Trail which runs through Pacific Rim National Park. At Pachena Bay Campground, you'll get to watch unbelievable sunsets from a campsite that is set on a beautiful white sandy beach with nature all around. For reservations or further information call 250-728-1287.

Huu-ay-aht First Nation
Pachena Bay Campground and the beach are located on and operated by the Huu-ay-aht First Nation. As you go through the Huu-ay-aht settlement of Anacla to get to the campground, have a look for the traditional artwork and totem poles along the inlet near the mouth of the Pachena River.

Bamfield Kayak Festival
Bamfield is very famous for ocean kayaking. You'll find the surrounding area of Barkley Sound and the Broken Island Group as some of the best areas in the world.

Scuba Diving
For scuba divers Bamfield has to rate as some of the best in the world. Crystal clean water with the constant tidal change of Barkley Sound can provide you with vast quantities of life under the water. Various guides and boat operators are in Bamfield and can assist you in finding great scuba diving opportunities.

Last Cast Guiding
Last Cast Guiding offers Salmon and Halibut fishing charters from Port Alberni and Bamfield. Last Cast Guiding has top quality fishing tackle, Transport Canada safety inspected and operating with a 24 foot Wellcraft Coastal off shore fishing vessel including an onboard washroom.

Poett Nook Marina and Campground
If you have a boat and would like to have very secure moorage without the hassle of rafting, try Poett Nook Marina and Campground. The turnoff is located 18 km (11 miles) from Bamfield on the way to Franklin River. Poett Nook has a great marina with individual slips and the campground is very clean, spacious and quite kid-friendly.

Sarita Lake Recreation Site
Located 31.5 km (20 miles) from Bamfield on the Franklin River-Bamfield Road is Sarita Lake Recreation Site. If you enjoy a nice quiet lake with great fishing, especially in the spring and fall, this place is a real treat.

Rustic Campgrounds
There is a boat launch available for small boats plus a couple of small rustic campsites. Watch yourself if you're camping in heavy rains as the level of the lake can rise very fast.

Information on Bamfield

Bamfield West

Bamfield East



Map of Bamfield
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Bamfield West
Bamfield West


Great Fishing
Great Fishing


Bamfield Harbour
Bamfield Harbour


Bamfield Marine Station
Bamfield Marine Station


Bamfield West
Bamfield West


Bamfield Boardwalk
Bamfield Boardwalk


Pachena Bay
Pachena Bay


Village of Anacla
Village of Anacla along Pachena River


Bamfield Boardwalk
Bamfield Boardwalk

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