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Thetis Island
Thetis Island is east of Chemainus across Stuart Channel by about four nautical miles and is located next to Penelakut Island.

Mediterranean Climate
Thetis Island sits in a rain shadow that forms across the Strait of Georgia and gets very little precipitation with lots of sunshine creating a unique eco-system, sometimes described as Mediterranean. The island at one time was joined to Penelakut Island but was dredged in the early 1990's and a short canal was created.

BC Ferries Scheduled Sailing
To get to Thetis Island, there is a scheduled BC Ferries that operates the tri-sailing route between Chemainus, Thetis Island and the ferry terminal at Telegraph Harbour on Penelakut Island. The sailing time from Chemainus aboard M.V. Kuper to Thetis Island is about 25 minutes.

Telegraph Harbour and Thetis Island Marinas
Thetis Island is a small island with very little commercial development except for two marinas named Telegraph Harbour Marina and Thetis Island Marina. Both marinas have small stores, slips available for moorage and both offer waterfront pubs with sunny decks with cafés serving refreshments. Thetis Island Marina is where you will find the post office on the island.

Thetis Island Facilities
Besides the marinas, other facilities on Thetis Island, include a kindergarten to grade six school and a small community centre. There is no public camping on the island but there are a number of Bed & Breakfasts operating in the local countryside. The island has also put together a well-run volunteer fire department.

Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre
Thetis Island is also a centre for religious studies with various camps set up all over the island. As the M.V. Kuper ferry arrives at Preedy Harbour, a stately waterfront facility next to the terminal is the Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre. This beautiful estate houses a 'getaway' for religious conferences and studies for people from all over the world.

Religious Retreats
Other religious retreats include Pioneer Pacific Camp, a a facility with 76 oceanfront acres and was established in 1955 by the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Unfortunately Camp Columbia which practises the Anglican faith had to shut down

Public Beaches
There are no designated waterfront parks on Thetis Island with most access to the shoreline areas held in private hands. You can find, though, a few non-advertised trails to the shoreline and from there you can walk along the mostly rocky beach.

'The Cut'
One good area is near the Telegraph Harbour Marina and is called 'The Cut,' which is the dividing point to Penelakut Island. During low tide, you can discover some interesting wildlife and tidal flats along the waters' edge between Thetis and Penelakut Islands. Take the small gravel path just south of the pub to where there is a small trail to the waters' edge.

Pilkey Point Road
Another area worth exploring is at the very north end of Pilkey Point where there is a good view of the rocky shoreline and of Valdes Island. Follow the signs leaving the ferry terminal on Pilkey Point Road to the very end. At Pilkey Point, there is access onto the rocky shoreline with beautiful views towards all the way from Ladysmith to the west coast of Valdes Island.

Kuper Island
Unfortunately, there are warning signs from the Penelakut First Nation about crossing over to Penelakut Island at low tide. Penelakut Island is home to Penelakut First Nation Reserve No. 7 and prior permission must be granted before entering these lands. The incredible sandy beach called Penelakut Spit sits off the south coast and provides some excellent boating of all types.

Norway Island
Other exploring opportunities include the end of Clam Bay Road to the south-west coast of Thetis Island. Here there is a 29-acre private island boasting the ultimate luxury retreat in the area. Norway Island has three homes on it - one at 4,500 square feet, orchards, 200 feet of protected dock, tennis courts, caretakers and a swimming pool. Norway Island can be viewed from the beach area near here.

Summer Market
There is a summer market that you can visit on Thetis Island that takes place every Sunday from ten in the morning until noon. Local products include wooden crafts, artistic carvings, homemade jams and jellies, bread, pottery and a wide selection of knitted handicrafts. The Summer Market occurs under the covered pavilion situated at the Telegraph Harbour Marina.

Pot of Gold Coffee Roasting Company
If you enjoy a good coffee try sampling the beautiful blends produced by the local Pot of Gold Coffee Roasting Company. Sent all over Vancouver Island, the fresh-roasted coffee can be found at the Telegraph Harbour Marina.

Thetis Island Vineyards
Wine lovers should try to visit and enjoy the winery tour sample where there is a wine produced at a small facility called Thetis Island Vineyards.

Cedar Beach Scuba Diving
For people who enjoy having a guided scuba dive, the Cedar Beach is located off Clam Bay Road. Cedar Beach offers diving adventures anywhere around Thetis Island and operates a Bed & Breakfast facility.

Information on Thetis Island

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M.V. Kuper - BC Ferries
M.V. Kuper - BC Ferries


Telegraph Harbour Marina & Pub
Telegraph Harbour Marina & Pub


Thetis Island Elementary School
Thetis Island Elementary School


Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre
Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre


Pilkey Point
Pilkey Point


'The Cut'
'The Cut'


Penelakut Spit
Penelakut Spit


Norway Island
Norway Island


Valdes Island
Valdes Island


Thetis Island Wetland
Thetis Island Wetland

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