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Skidegate is located 58 km (36 miles) south of Port Clements and 9 km (6 miles) east of Queen Charlotte City on the Trans-Canada Hwy 16.

Graham Island
Skidegate is situated near the eastern opening of Skidegate Inlet at the south end of Graham Island. The community sits near the edge of the ocean at Rooney Bay and has a population of just under one thousand people. To the south of Graham Island, across Skidegate Inlet on Moresby Island, is the community of Sandspit.

Haida First Nations
Skidegate is home to a large community of the Haida First Nations and is governed and administrated through an elected body called the Skidegate Band Council. The First Nations people generally have made a living based on logging and commercial fishing. Today the Haida First Nations, because of a very diverse Haida culture, have put more emphasis relying more on cultural-related work and eco-tourism.

Haida Gwaii Museum
The First Nation heritage at Skidegate is rich with artists and carvers in the traditional Haida culture. Displays and carvings can be found throughout and especially at the Haida Gwaii Museum in the Heritage Centre at Kaay Llnagaay formerly Qay'llnagaay. The Haida Gwaii Museum is housed in one of the magnificent cedar longhouses present at the site.

Bill Reid
Skidegate is home to a number of famous First Nation artists who have trained in the traditional Haida way of life. Bill Reid is one of these people and his work can be found on display at the Qay'llnagaay Lodge and Heritage Centre. Look for the longhouse featuring Bill Reid's totem plus the beautiful carving of a 15-metre (49-feet) long cedar canoe called 'Loo Taa.'

The eco-tourism potential around the Skidegate, southern Graham Island and to the south on Moresby Island is incredible. Areas that you might consider visiting and exploring include hiking into Naikoon Provincial Park at Tlell, ocean kayaking from Moresby Camp south into Gwaii Haanas National Park reserve and scuba diving or fishing the crystal clear waters at Rennell Sound north-east of Queen Charlotte City.

Hiking and Walking Trails
For areas to hike on trails near Skidegate there are both the Balance Rock and St. Mary's Spring north of town on Hwy 16 and Spirit Lake Trail that leaves right from Skidegate. The Balance Rock features a large balance rock right on the edge of Skidegate Inlet, St. Mary's Spring has a beautiful trail leading to a wooden Madonna carving and the Spirit Lake Trail has three walking routes to various panoramic views.

Skidegate Days
A good time to visit Skidegate is during the annual Skidegate Days, which happens during the later half of July. This fun filled event is entertaining for the whole family starting with a War Canoe race and includes food kiosks, carnival, baseball tournament, salmon barbeque all followed with a dinner and dance.

Queen Charlotte City
For services and places to stay there is Queen Charlotte City that is only 9 km (6 miles) east of Skidegate. Here you can find most services including accommodation, service stations, grocery stores, a number of cafés including a Chinese food restaurant and Howler's neighbourhood pub.

RV Camping
For RV camping there are a few rustic campgrounds in the near area around Skidegate. Located at Tlell there is a campground found at Misty Meadows, the old forest service site west of Queen Charlotte City across from Lina Island at Kagan Bay and two spots at Rennell Sound, one called Cone Head and the other Rennell Sound.

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Skidegate Totem
Skidegate Totem


Haida Gwaii Museum
Haida Gwaii Museum






Balance Rock
Balance Rock


Skidegate Cemetery
Skidegate Cemetery


Spirit Lake Trail
Spirit Lake Trail


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