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Masset is located 130 km (80 miles) west of Prince Rupert on the north-east coast of Graham Island, a part of the Haida Gwaii-Queen Charlotte Islands chain.

McIntyre Bay
Masset is situated just off Dixon Entrance inside Masset Sound at the entrance to a large inlet called Masset Inlet. Just outside of Masset lies McIntyre Bay, a large bay that faces north to Alaska. McIntyre Bay and has various beaches located along its entire length going east to a large spit called Rose Spit.

Delkatla Slough
Masset is a small community that has a population of around one thousand people. The community geographically sits at the bottom of and is separated by a large body of water, harbour and wetlands called Delkatla Slough. Towards the end of Delkatla Slough is a finger of land with the First Nation village of Haida residing on it.

CFS Masset
At one time Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Masset was located 3 miles (5 km) north from Masset and helped supply a number of employment opportunities for the community. Unfortunately, the CFS Masset radio listening site has been shut down since February 1997.

Graham Island
The main employment in Massett is now based on eco-tourism, fishing and services for the north of Graham Island and as a transportation hub for dropping off and transferring point for people travelling to Langara Island. At one time logging was a major employer but has taken less prominence in later years.

BC Ferries to Skidegate
To get to Massett by vehicle you have to take the BC Ferries sailing from Prince Rupert to Skidegate Landing. Once at Skidegate Landing you have to travel 101 km (63 miles) north on Hwy 16 past Skidegate, Tlell, the turnoff to Port Clements eventually reaching Masset.

Airplane Service
There is a plane service to Masset Municipal Airport with a daily flight from the south terminal in Richmond via Pacific Coastal Airlines. There are also daily scheduled flights offered by Air Canada from Vancouver International Airport to Sandspit.

Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary
For wildlife viewing try and get a chance to visit the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary in Masset. Originally conceived by long-time resident Sam Simpson and eventually the Masset Rod and Gun Club, the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary protected this piece of land for wildlife and bird habitat.

North Beach and Rose Spit
There are lots of really good hikes that you can take around Masset, especially along the beach. A real favourite is to travel by road out to South Beach and walk on the beach approximately 10 km (6 miles) along North Beach to Rose Spit in Naikoon Provincial Park on the north-east coast of Graham Island and marvel at the scenery.

Naikoon Provincial Park
You can further explore Naikoon Provincial Park south from Rose Spit and go towards the south to Tlell. You can wonder at the untouched beach that stretches forever and remember this experience for a lifetime. For one of the best campsites located in the park make sure you try the one at Agate Beach located near Tow Hill.

Haida - Old Massett
The small First Nation village of Haida or, commonly referred to as Old Massett, is 5 km (3 miles) north-west of the village of Masset, once home to a Hudson's Bay Company that operated from 1869 to 1898.

Haida Arts and Jewellery Store
Old Massett is now where you can find the administration offices for the Haida Gwaii Council of the Haida Nation. There is also a local artisan gallery in Old Massett called the Haida Arts and Jewellery Store where you can find First Nation artwork for sale including some argillite carvings.

Quickly Changing Weather
A couple of reminders - just remember you'll need to refer to a tide chart for water levels before attempting any walks or driving near the ocean. Also, one other thing about the Haida Gwaii-Queen Charlotte Islands is if you don't like the weather now just wait five minutes. So please take an extra layer of clothing, rain gear, water and snack bars.

Salmon Fishing off Langara Island
For salmon fishing in the ocean, it does not get any better than Masset and the Haida Gwaii-Queen Charlotte Islands. Lots of fishing charters originate out of Masset or you can visit a number of fishing resorts on nearby Langara Island.

Dixon Entrance Golf Club
There is a small municipal 9-hole golf course called Dixon Entrance Golf Club only 3 km (2 miles) from Masset on Tow Hill Road. This course was unique in the past because it was laid out around a Canadian military radio listening post operations site called CFS Masset.

Pure Lake Provincial Park
Located 19 km (12 miles) south from Masset towards Port Clements is Pure Lake Provincial Park. This is one of the better areas to go for a swim on Graham Island. There is no provincial campground facility but Pure Lake has a nice picnic area with a short walking trail to the local swimming hole.

For accommodation there are a number of places to stay in Masset including a number of bed and breakfast establishments, cabins and lodges. For RV camping try Hidden Island RV Resort which is conveniently close to shopping in town and across from the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Map of Masset, BC
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Welcome to Massett
Welcome to Massett


CFS Masset
CFS Masset


Masset Harbour
Masset Harbour


Masset Visitor Centre
Masset Visitor Centre


Delkatla Slough
Delkatla Slough and Wildlife Sanctuary


Agate Beach - Naikoon Provincial Park
Agate Beach - Naikoon Provincial Park


Haida Arts and Jewellery Store
Haida Arts and Jewellery Store


The Ground Coffee
The Ground Gallery and Coffee House


Sherri's Fish and Chips
Sherri's Gas Bar & Grill


Dixon Entrance Golf Club
Dixon Entrance Golf Club


Moon Over Naikoon Bakery
Moon Over Naikoon Bakery


Agate Beach - Naikoon
Agate Beach - Naikoon Provincial Park


Raven Gallery
Raven Gallery

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