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Seton Portage
Seton Portage is located 80 km (50 miles) west of Lillooet on the Bridge River and Mission Mountain Roads and 33 km (21 miles) north of D'Arcy on the Highline Road.

Road Closure
Dawson Road Maintenance has planned to close the Highline Road at Telford Bridge area to perform road repairs. The construction closure will begin July 27th, 2020 and continue until at least September 21, 2020 and possibly beyond this date. There will be no public assess through the road or worksite during this time. For more information please check with Dawson Road Maintenance.

Mission Mountain Road
To get to Seton Portage take the sometimes rough gravel Bridge River Road that goes to Gold Bridge from Lillooet for 47 km (29 miles). At the Terzaghi Dam turn onto the Mission Mountain Road towards Shalalth and Seton Portage. The Mission Mountain Road crosses at the east end of Carpenter Lake reservoir and continues through a small tunnel then along the lakeshore.

Incredible Views
The gravel road follows the south shore on Carpenter Lake then starts climbing very steeply up Mission Mountain. The views of Carpenter Lake near the top of Mission Mountain are stunning. Once you are over the summit the road goes steeply about 12 km (7.5 miles) including 14% for 8 km (5 miles) down towards Seton Portage Road. Along the way there are incredible views of 27 km (17 miles) long Seton Lake and the surrounding mountains.

Mediterranean Climate
The weather and climate in Seaton Portage has sometimes been described as Mediterranean-like experiencing hot dry summers. Cherry trees, nut trees, grapes, peaches, cantaloupe and watermelons all seem to thrive. For tomato lovers you will enjoy this climate for growing a very wide selection of different varieties.

BC Hydro's Bridge River Complex
Situated just north of Seton Portage is an electrical generating complex operated by BC Hydro called Bridge River. Originally built by the BC Electric Company in 1927 to supply Vancouver with power, the Bridge River Complex was finally completed in 1960. Most of the people living at Seton Portage are employed with or affiliated with BC Hydro.

During the summer time the recreation pursuits in Seton Portage include hiking, 4x4 driving, off-road motorcycle, quads and mountain biking. In Seton Lake, you can boat, kayak, canoe, swim and fish for Rainbow Trout and species of whitefish. The outdoor winter recreation around Seton Portage includes snowmobiling, ice-fishing, backcountry skiing and snowshoeing.

The small First Nations community of Shalalth is located 6 km (4 miles) east of Seton Portage on Seton Lake. Shalalth is very small with a population of around 400 inhabitants.

Seton Lake Indian Band
The community of Shalalth is home to the First Nation Seton Lake Indian Band, an affiliate of the Lillooet Tribal Council. Seton Lake Indian Band employment relies mostly on contracts in the forest industry. The main contracts include clearing areas of Mountain Pine beetle infestation with the Seton Lake Indian Band members being trained in felling and bucking, industrial first aid, sawmilling techniques and work place safety.

  • Seton Lake First Nation
    Telephone: (250) 259-8227

CN Rail
There is an old Via Rail platform in Shalalth once the property of the PGE, later BC Rail and currently CN Rail. The CN platform is now used as a passenger stop to allow school kids an easy and faster travel into Lillooet rather than taking the time-consuming and steep Mission Mountain Road. The shuttle originates in D'Arcy, stops at Seton Portage, then Shalalth and eventually Lillooet.

Seton Portage Historic Provincial Park
The Seton Portage Historic Provincial Park is located about halfway between Seton Portage and Shalalth. Here you can find an important site in regards to the establishment of the BC Rail into British Columbia. Look for the old railway caboose that is home to the Seton Portage Information Centre.

For services, there is a small store available with the opportunity to purchase gasoline and other fuels but be aware that hours are limited.

Accommodation can be found in Shalalth at the Lakeside Resort. Unfortunately the Seton Portage Motel which had been in operation since 1959 and conveniently situated next to the Highline Pub and Restaurant was put up for sale.

  • Lakeside Resort: Telephone (250) 259-8265
  • Highline Pub: Telephone (250) 259-8312

For RV camping and tenting sites there is little to offer in either Seton Portage or Shalalth. There is though Carpenter Lake Recreation Site on the way in on Mission Mountain Road.

Highline Road
If you are planning on going to Whistler, the road goes south from Seaton Portage to D'Arcy along the transmission lines and Anderson Lake. Unfortunately, the Highline Road must only be attempted under certain conditions. You will require a 4x4 vehicle, be familiar with backcountry conditions and take emergency supplies. This Highline Road can also be very rough and is recommended only in the summer time.


Information on Seton Portage




Map of Seton Portage
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Carpenter Lake
Carpenter Lake


Bridge River Complex
Bridge River Complex


BC Hydro's Bridge River  Generating Plant
BC Hydro's Bridge River


Seton Portage from Highline Road
Seton Portage - Highline Road


Shalalth and Seton Lake
Shalalth and Seton Lake


Seton Lake
Seton Lake


Bridge River Complex Penstocks
Bridge River Complex Penstocks


Highline Pub and Restaurant
Highline Pub and Restaurant


Highline Road
Highline Road


Seton Lake
Seton Lake

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