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Nemaiah Valley
The Nemaiah Valley is located 93 km (58 miles) southwest of Hanceville, on Nemaiah Valley Road.

Chilcotin War
Nemaiah Valley is the long-established community of the Xeni Gwet'in First Nations, and for a long time, the land was cut off from the rest of British Columbia. The lack of European settlement dates back to a Xeni uprising called the Chilcotin War. This war against the Europeans was brought about by a surveying expedition employed by Alfred Waddington to find a trail the from the interior of BC to Bute Inlet. Alfred Waddington wanted to find a faster route to the west coast and the Salish Sea to Fort Alexandria, eventually servicing the gold fields at Barkerville in the Cariboo.

Lee's Corner
To get here from Williams Lake, take Hwy 20 and travel west towards Bella Coola. When you reach the small stop of Hanceville or Lee's Corner, turn south on Fletcher Lake Road, and then cross the Chilcotin River Bridge. Once over the Chilcotin River, continue on Taseko Lake Road through the community of the Yunesit'in First Nation, Stone Indian Reserve No. 1, and travel through the Elegesi Qiyus Wild Horse Preserve until you reach the Davidson Bridge Recreation Site.
From here, cross over the Taseko River and then take Nemaiah Valley Road past Konni Lake to the small First Nation community of Nemaiah Valley.

Mount Ts'yl-os
As you travel past the Taseko River and the Davidson Bridge Recreation Site, there will be panoramic views towards the south of Mount Ts'yl-os (Mount Tatlow). In native folklore, the Elders describe Mount Ts'yl-os as a place that keeps careful watch over the Xeni Gwet'in First Nations, protecting their lands, and it can drastically alter the weather for outsiders through these territories. There is a small rustic campground at Davidson Bridge Recreation Site and access to the Taseko River.

Xeni Gwet'in First Nations
The First Nation community of Nemaiah Valley is very small, isolated, and relatively undeveloped, with only around 100 inhabitants made up of Xeni Gwet'in First Nations. Nemaiah Valley is comprised of a post office, the Tl'ebayi Community Centre, the Xeni Gwet'in Enterprises Tl'Edayi Laundry & Gas where there are gas, propane, internet, and laundry services. Close by are residences and the Naghtaneqed Elementary and Junior Secondary Schools.

Ts'yl?os Provincial Park
If you continue on the main road past the community of Nemaiah Valley about 18 km (11 miles), you'll come to Ts'yl?os Provincial Park (pronounced "sigh-loss") where there is the Nu Chugh Beniz Campground, backcountry parking, and a gravel boat launch plus access to Chilko Lake. The lake can be extremely dangerous at any moment, especially with sudden weather changes, so caution must be exercised at all times.

Exploring the Backroads
Along the route into Nemaiah Valley from Hanceville, there are opportunities to explore other valleys, lakes, and rivers throughout the Southern Chilcotin Region, a region referred to as the Brittany Triangle. Make sure caution is exercised and that your navigational aids and vehicle are up to date as the area is very remote and could be dangerous if you are stranded.

Adventure Lodges
For accommodation in the area, there are a number of primitive recreation sites for camping plus a number of adventure lodges along a few lakes in the region between Hanceville and Nemaiah Valley.

Information on Nemaiah Valley



click map for larger image
click map for larger image


Konni Lake
Konni Lake


Taseko Lake Road
Taseko Lake Road


Mount Ts'yl-O's (Mount Tatlow)
Mount Ts'yl-O's (Mount Tatlow)


Xeni Gwet'in Gas & Laundry
Xeni Gwet'in Gas & Laundry


Road to Nu Chugh Beniz Campground
Road to Nu Chugh Beniz Campground


Duff Island and Chilko Lake
Duff Island and Chilko Lake



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