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Nazko is located 100 km (62 miles) north-west of Quesnel on the Nazko Highway.

Great Hunting and Fishing
Nazko and the Nazko Valley is an interesting place with lots of history, dramatic landscapes, offers some great trout fishing, and has some available hunting opportunities. Various outfitters operated in the near area offering guiding and outfitters to assist you trying to achieve a trophy hunt experience.

West Quesnel
In order to get here go over the Moffat Bridge across the Fraser River from Quesnel to West Quesnel You then take Elliott Road north towards Blackwater River and Bouchie Lake. At Bouchie Lake you can either go north-west on Batnuni Road towards Pantage Lake and the Blackwater River or west on the Nazko Highway to Nazko.

Puntchesakut Lake Provincial Park
Once on the Nazko Highway about 40 km (25 miles) from Quesnel you'll pass Puntchesakut Lake Provincial Park. Here you can find a day use facility complete with a beautiful sandy beach, great swimming, water skiing, fishing for trout, sunbathing plus kayaking and canoeing opportunities.

Honolulu Road
Once past Puntchesakut Lake the Nazko Highway will come to Honolulu Road which travels in a north-south direction. Marmot Lake and Nazko will be towards the north with Nazko about 12 km (7 miles) away. Towards the south on Honolulu Road at 21.5 km (13 miles) you'll find the rock formation on the west side of the Nazko River called 'Indian Head', then further the Honolulu Campsite and Martin Meadow.

Marmot Lake
Situated at Marmot Lake is the Spehar Trading Post and Nazko Valley Lodge. Located across from here is the Marmot Lake Community Campsite operated by the Nazko Community Association. You can find some trout fishing here with the best found in late spring and early fall. Marmot Lake also has an old rustic forestry campground available if you need it.

Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council
The Nazko Valley is the traditional territory of the Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council. The Nazko Band have historically lived, hunted, gathered and traded through out the area for thousands of years. When explorer Alexander Mackenzie was looking for the Pacific Ocean he relied on the Carrier First Nation guides to show him the route along the trading route called the Nuxalk Carrier-Grease Trail.

Nazko First Nation
There are a number of Nazko First nation reserves around Nazko with the main community being at Nazko Indian Reserve #20. Many of the band members work throughout the area with forestry related activities having the highest employment.

Blackwater Road West
If you're prepared for a little more adventurous trip try the Blackwater Road West north of Nazko. The route eventually travels north-west travelling crossing access points of the original Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail/Nuxalk Carrier-Grease Trail. You can eventually either travel north on forest service roads to Vanderhoof or Baldy Hughes south of Prince George from here.

Three Nations Store and Lodge
If you do make it to Nazko and want to stay the night there is the Three Nations Sore and Lodge. The lodge features some cabins, full service restaurant, general store that includes fishing licenses and tackle shop, laundromat, RV sites with electricity, hookups, available gas and diesel fuel. Please telephone the Three nations Store and Lodge at (250) 249-0278 for more information.

Fishpot Lake Resort
Located just west of Nazko is Fishpot Lake Resort. Here you can find another trout fishing lake called Fishpot Lake. The resort also specializes in year round wilderness vacation destination with nature trails, wildlife viewing hiking and trout fishing with fish being caught around 1-2 kg. (3-5 lbs.).

Mountain Pine Beetle
While you are travelling on the backroads of Nazko please be aware of active logging that will be going on. The Nazko section of the Quesnel Timber Supply Area has been one of the hardest hit areas of the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation. The Ministry of Forests and Nazko First Nations have signed a partnership to help harvest the affected trees so there will be lots of logging activity.

Nazko Volcanic Cone
Nazko sits near an area of high volcanic geological formations called the Anahim Volcanic Belt. One area called the Nazko Cone is situated right near Nazko and features various volcanic remains. One area the Klara property has been mined for pumice by Lightweight Advanced Volcanic Aggregates Inc. of Aldergrove.

'Bear Aware'
If you are out enjoying the outdoors remember there are bears and cougars throughout all of British Columbia and Nazko is no exception. Please practise and use habits like controlling your animals, watch you're kids and utilize 'bear aware' and cougar encounter safety awareness techniques.

Information on Nazko



Map of Nazko
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Puntchesakut Lake Provincial Park
Puntchesakut Lake Provincial Park


Nazko Rangeland
Nazko Rangeland


Nazko River
Nazko River


Nazko First Nation Community
Nazko First Nation Community


Blackwater River
Blackwater River


Nazko Valley Lodge
Three Nations Store and Lodge


Nazko Highway
Nazko Highway

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