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If you're interested in ghost towns around British Columbia, try visiting Barkerville. Barkerville is situated due east of Quesnel near Wells on Hwy 26.

Gold Fields
Barkerville in it's time had one of the biggest gold finds in the Cariboo region during the 1850's and 1860's. Various miners from all over the west coast notable San Francisco made it to Barkerville.

Guangdong, China
Among the many that came, there was at least a population of 8,000 Chinese, mostly from the province of Guangdong, China.

1870's - Gold Rush era
It will take you about one hour to drive there from Quesnel. The ghost town of Barkerville has been restored to its past glory, involving theme events and activities reminiscent of the 1870's - Gold Rush era. Take your time and explore the buildings and artifacts of Barkerville including the Chinatown of past era.

Barkerville Campgrounds
For campgrounds at Barkerville, you can find some vehicle-accessible sites located at Barkerville Campgrounds the former Barkerville Provincial Campground. Just remember that because the historic town of Barkerville is close, it can fill up fast.

If the campsite is full or you want to stay at a motel, try Wells. Various Bed & Breakfasts, motels and an RV park are located there. A favourite - the White Cap Inn - features Grace's Diner a 50's theme restaurant.

Bowron Lakes
Barkerville also happens to be the gateway into the famous Bowron Lake Park. This park contains the famous canoe kayak circle route and there are lots of wildlife views and wilderness camping available. It is an experience you'll never forget. Canoes and kayaks are available on a rental basis at the base camp. Look for the turnoff to Bowron Lakes situated near Wells just west of the Ballarat Gold Mine Gold Pan roadside attraction.

Cunningham Pass Road to Likely
Fortunately the 144 km (90 miles) summer only backcountry road to Likely via the Cunningham Pass, to the Cariboo River Provincial Park and Cariboo Mountains Provincial Park is now opened after it was closed because of slides in June 2011.

Bear Country
Just remember if you are enjoying the countryside around Barkerville, please remember this is Bear Country. Try to avoid the rivers during heavy salmon spawning times unless you feel comfortable with bears around. There is also the possibilities of encounters with wolves or cougars so please play it safe and practice good outdoor wildlife procedures.

Information on Barkerville



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Kwong Sang Wing Store
Kwong Sang Wing Store


Main Street Barkerville


Blacksmith at Barkerville
Blacksmith at Barkerville


Ballarat Gold Mine Gold Pan
Ballarat Gold Mine Gold Pan


Mason & Daly General Merchants
Mason & Daly General Merchants


Bear near Barkerville
Bear near Barkerville

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