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Alexis Creek
Alexis Creek is located 113 km (71 miles) west of Williams Lake and 203 km (127 miles) east of Anahim Lake on the 'Freedom Highway,' Hwy 20 to Bella Coola.

Chilcotin River
Alexis Creek is a small village situated on a large sandy bench that sits above the Chilcotin River. The Chilcotin River has an aqua milky blue colour and flows out of Chilcotin Lake. The Chilcotin River is later joined by the Chilko River just west of Alexis Creek. Alexis Creek also has a beautiful view towards the rangeland of Alexis Creek Flats.

Chief Alexis
Alexis Creek is named after the great Chief Alexis, the leader of the Chilcotin Indians, who served during the Chilcotin Massacre of 1864. Since then the Alexis Creek area has had various cattle ranches established and today has a population of around 135 people mostly employed in the ranching industry.

Alexis Creek General Store
For any services, conveniences or information, the Alexis Creek General Store has most items you may need. The store is open all year and features a post office, fresh produce, groceries, hardware, a liquor outlet and local First Nations' artwork

Chilcotin Hotel and Family Café
For entertainment and something to eat, try visiting the Chilcotin Hotel which features the Family Café - a sight for sore eyes especially if you have been camping for a while. At the Family Café, you can find a selection of everything including a Chinese Food Smorgasbord special every Thursday.

Chilcotin Forest District
Besides all the cattle ranches, the Chilcotin Forest District is another main employer in Alexis Creek with an office located in town. The Chilcotin Forest District employs a small number of employees with about half living in the area and contracts to local First Nations who reside in Alexis Creek.

Bull Canyon Provincial Park
Bull Canyon Provincial Park is located 6 km (4 miles) west of Alexis Creek. The park offers a nice campground with 20 sites featuring walking trails along the Chilcotin River. Situated close by is Battle Rock (Bluff), a historic site which was the scene of ferocious battles between the Chilcotin and the invading Bella Coola and Shuswap tribes.

Provincial Parks
For exploring other provincial parks that are near to Alexis Creek, you have either Nazko Lake Provincial or White Pelican Provincial Parks. At Nazko Lake, there is a vehicle-accessible campground, great fishing, with a kayaking or canoeing route along a small chain of six lakes. White Pelican features wildlife viewing with the only nesting colony of American White Pelicans in British Columbia.

Hanceville-Lee's Corner
Situated to the east of Alexis Creek on Hwy 20 by 23 km (14 miles) is Hanceville or as originally named, Lee's Corner. Lee's Corner was named after Norman Lee, the original ranch holder who staged one of the first cattle drives. There are a number of backcountry gravel roads leaving Hanceville that travel to the south towards Big Creek Provincial Park.

Riske Creek
Farwell Canyon located off Hwy 20 at Riske Creek by around 19 km (12 miles) on the Farwell Canyon Road. This is where the road crosses the Chilcotin River on a bridge over a beautiful canyon. Riske Creek is only 65 km (41 miles) east of Alexis Creek about one hour driving distance from Williams Lake.

Farwell Canyon Hoodoos
At Farwell Canyon, you can find amazing hoodoo rock formations made out of sandstone. If you have time, take the 45-minute or so intermediate fitness level walk up to the top of the canyon or try and find some First Nations' artwork of ancient pictographs along the canyon wall. This amazing walk will surely astound you with the shifting sand dunes along the way.


Information on Alexis Creek


Map of Alexis Creek
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Alexis Creek General Store
Alexis Creek General Store


Chilcotin Hotel and Family Café
Chilcotin Hotel and Family Café


Happy Eater Restaurant
Happy Eater Restaurant


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