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Glade is located on the east side of the Kootenay River about 22 km (14 miles) south-west of Nelson and 19 km north-east of Castlegar on Hwy 3A.

Small Hobby Farms
The community is made up of small hobby farms and residences that face the bank and the Kootenay River towards the west. Glade is situated in the climatic zone called the Kootenay Wet-Belt which creates some very some large trees growing on the east side of the community and region.

Glade General Store
In order to get to Glade by vehicle, you have to take the Glade Ferry Road off Highway 3A just south of Shoreacres in an area called Thrums. In Thrums you can find the Glade General Store which offers a small store, a liquor outlet and an Esso Service Station.

Inland Ferry Service
To take the Inland Ferry Service across the Kootenay River to Glade, travel down the Glade Ferry Road. The ferry trip takes around 3 minutes to cross and operates year round on demand and holds up to 8 cars and 50 passengers.

No Services
You will find absolutely no services in Glade. The history of Glade is one that evolved around the original Doukhobor settlement that settled here between 1908 and 1915 on 442 hectares (1,092 acres). The community tends to be rarely visited by tourists as Hwy 3A is the main route up the Kootenay River to Nelson or Castlegar.

Kootenay River
Once you're over the Kootenay River in Glade, the road goes both north and south eventually coming to a dead end at both ends. From either end there are some hiking trails that travel up or down the Kootenay River.

Skattebo Reach Trail
The Skattebo Reach Trail is 12 km (7.5 miles) one way and heads south from Glade by Glade Creek Bridge. The mainly rocky trail goes through forest across numerous creeks eventually coming out near a parking lot near a power facility called the Brilliant Substation. This makes a great cross-country trail if you would like to travel to Castlegar on the east side of the Kootenay River.

The Ward's Ferry Trail
Another beautiful trail near Glade is the Ward's Ferry Trail up to Rover Creek Forest Service Road. From here the trail travels along Blewett Road towards Nelson. The Ward's Ferry Trail was a project of the Nelson Area Trails Society which helps to enhance the trails around the Nelson area.

Slocan Valley Rail Trail
For those people who enjoy cycling along a river, try and do the Slocan Valley Rail Trail situated just north of Thrums on Hwy 6 at the small community of South Slocan. The Slocan Valley Rail Trail, a Spirit of 2010 initiative, is an absolute jewel taking you all the way to Slocan City past the small communities of Crescent Valley, Slocan Park, Passmore and Winlaw.

Nelson-Salmo Great Northern Trail
Another great rail trail in the nearby area includes the Nelson-Salmo Great Northern Trail, originally called the Salmo-Troup Rail. Once a branch along the Burlington Northern Railway corridor, the Nelson-Salmo Great Northern Trail takes you through some incredible countryside from Troup to Salmo.

Kalesnikoff Lumber Company
Besides the agricultural importance of small farms throughout the area, logging and forestry are very important in supplying jobs, especially with the existence of the Kalesnikoff Lumber Company located across the river in nearby Thrums.

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Map of Glade
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Glade General Store
Glade General Store


Inland Ferry Service
Inland Ferry Service




Kootenay River at Glade
Kootenay River at Glade


Inland Ferry Service
Inland Ferry Service


Kootenay River at Glade
Kootenay River at Glade

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