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Crescent Valley
Crescent Valley is located on Hwy 6 just at the junction with Hwy 3A on the Castlegar to Nelson highway just north of Glade.

Slocan River
Crescent Valley is a small community that stretches for about 3 km (2 miles) on Hwy 6 from Kootenay River near Shoreacres to a large bend on Slocan River.

Hwy 3A and Hwy 6 Junction
There are a few businesses located in Crescent Valley at the Hwy 3A and Hwy 6 junction including a Kootenay Savings Bank, fresh fruit and vegetable store, licensed restaurant called Iones and Rosetown Antiques and Collectibles.

Travelling on Hwy 6
Travelling north along Hwy 6 you eventually come to a coffee bar called Pony Espresso, Evergreen Country Store featuring natural foods, Shell Service Station, Crescent Valley Community Hall, Crescent Valley Fire Dept. and the Frog Peak Cafe.

White Water Rafting or Kayaking
If you enjoy white water rafting or kayaking, this stretch of Slocan River at Crescent Valley is quite exciting and very popular with the locals. The 3 km (2 mile) trip takes around one to three hours from the beach to the railway bridge at Shoreacres.

Slocan River Swimming Hole
For swimmers the local beach along this part of the Slocan River has an excellent swimming hole making for great sunbathing and relaxing. If you enjoy walking or mountainbiking there is a small trail that goes along the Slocan River.

The Slocan Valley Rail Trail
Today the railway at Crescent Valley is abandoned but the right of way has been saved in parts to become a regional multi-use trail called The Slocan Valley Rail Trail. The rail trail is very unique and follows the meandering Slocan River north from Crescent Valley through Slocan Park, Passmore, Winlaw and eventually reaching Slocan City.

Take Caution
Please just remember to take caution on the trail for possible machinery and danger at road crossings. Also take note that some bridges are still missing on the trail but work is being done on improving the trail's condition through the Spirit of 2010 Trail funding.

Frog Peak Cafe & Guesthouse
If you do have time try the Frog Peak Cafe & Guesthouse in Crescent Valley. Named after a local peak, located towards the west, the Frog Peak Cafe & Guesthouse is housed in one of Crescent Valley's original buildings which was built in 1886. The cafe features great food, a very good coffee selection plus bakery treats. Set in a very relaxing garden setting the Frog Peak is definitely one of those cafes you have to try.

Endless Adventure
Endless Adventure, a kayaking rental company is situated right across Hwy 6 from the main beach and the Slocan River. Endless Adventure offers local camping, rafting and kayak tours on the Slocan River and specializes in kayak courses and has a storefront for all your kayaking needs.

One thing you'll notice as you travel by Crescent Valley towards another small community called South Slocan on Hwy 3A is a sign for the generating plant owned by FortisBC at South Slocan Station Road. Take the time and go down and view FortisBC's large hydro electric generating plant located along the Kootenay River. The site is very historic and offers some spectacular views of the heritage townsite and across the Kootenay River towards BC Hydro's Kootenay Canal generating facility.

Then located south of South Slocan at Shoreacres, across Hwy 3A, just below the railway bridge is another swimming hole on the Slocan River. From here the pool stretches to near the confluence with the Kootenay River.

Bear Country
Just remember if you are enjoying the countryside around Crescent Valley and the Slocan River, please remember this is Bear Country. Try to avoid the rivers during heavy salmon spawning times unless you feel comfortable with bears around and take the usual precautions. There is also the possibilities of encounters with wolves or cougars so please play it safe.

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Map of Crescent Valley, BC
click map for larger image


Slocan River at Crescent Valley
Slocan River at Crescent Valley


Beach Area at Crescent Valley
Beach Area at Crescent Valley


Slocan River Swimming Hole
Slocan Valley Rail Trail


Frog Peak Cafe
Frog Peak Cafe & Guesthouse


Slocan River Swimming Hole
Slocan River Swimming Hole


Kootenay Canal - BC Hydro
Kootenay Canal - BC Hydro





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