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Argenta is located at the north-east end of Kootenay Lake, approximately 40 km (25 miles) north of Kaslo and 79 km (49 miles) south of Trout Lake.

Argenta Mining Company
Argenta was named by the Argenta Mining Company in the late 1800's from the Latin noun for silver argentums. The area around Argenta was thought by prospectors to have a vast amount of mineral deposits in the various creeks that flowed throughout. Several old mining roads can still be found near Johnsons Landing called Kootenay Joe Ridge Road Trail.

Argenta Road
To get to Argenta, you have to travel on Hwy 31 to the north side of Kootenay Lake just south of the small community of Cooper Creek. From here you then go east across the Duncan River on the gravel road towards Duncan Dam 1.4 km (1 mile) to the turnoff for Argenta. From this junction you then travel south on the curvy Argenta Road by around 5 km (3 miles).

Small Community
Today Argenta is a very small community made up of a few farms and people looking for a less hectic way of living mainly in utilizing the land as an economic base. The community sits on the west side of the Purcell Mountains which provides a relaxed way of life with small-scale logging and agricultural use prevalent.

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
The community was chosen as a site for the Religious Society of Friends by a small group of American Quakers in the early 1950's who later established the Delta Co-operative Association in 1954. Today the local Quakers make up a large percentage of the population of Argenta and are very involved in the day-to-day operation of the community and, at one time, ran the Argenta Friends School from 1959 to 1982.

Argenta Community Building
There is no commercial activity or businesses in Argenta. Besides the Argenta Water Power Co-op Building, there is a small postal station, the community association building and a playing field. To get to the Argenta Community building, travel off the Argenta Road onto Wolfe Road.

Argenta Water Power Co-op
The Argenta Water Power Co-op is located along Argenta Road near the mouth of the Duncan River. You can find a small beach area here where small boats can be launched. The Duncan River Delta with the Argenta Marsh Wildlife Reserve is well-noted for bird and wildlife watching throughout the various seasons of the year.

Earl Grey Pass Trail
For access into the Purcell Wilderness Conservatory, there is a very historic crossing in Argenta called the Earl Grey Pass Trail. The 62 km (39 miles) long trail is for a multi-day excursion hike or horseback ride and only the experienced people should attempt it. The trail follows Hamill Creek with a number of cable car crossings up to Earl Grey Pass and features a number of wilderness campgrounds along the way.

Toby Creek
The Earl Grey Pass Trail then continues past 3,243-metre (10,640-feet) high Mount Hamill and 3,212-metre (10,538-feet) high Mount Toby, down Toby Creek and past 2,273-metres (7,457-feet) high Pharaoh Peaks to the east trailhead 32 km (20 miles) west of Invermere near Jumbo Creek.

Fry Creek Canyon
There are also two other trails allowing access into the Purcell Wilderness Conservatory in nearby Johnson's Landing. One trail follows Fry Creek Canyon and the other one, Kootenay Joe Ridge Road Trail, follows an old mining route from the late 1800's.

Glacier Creek Regional Park
If you would like to explore more of the Argenta Cooper Creek and Johnsons Landing countryside and would like to stay awhile there is a water accessible campground at Glacier Creek Regional Park. You can find this excellent recreational facility on the east side on Duncan Lake north of Argenta on the Duncan River Road.

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Map of Argenta
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Argenta Road
Argenta Road


Kootenay Lake at Argenta
Kootenay Lake at Argenta


Argenta Post Office
Argenta Post Office


Duncan River Delta
Duncan River Delta


Mouth of the Duncan River
Mouth of the Duncan River

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