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Bromley Rock
Bromley Rock is located 21 km (13 miles) east of Princeton and 15 km (9 miles) west of Hedley on Hwy 3. This swimming hole is situated alongside the Similkameen River and can be accessed from Hwy 3 at Bromley Rock Provincial Park.

Swimming Hole
This stretch of Similkameen River, between Princeton and Keremeos, provides a lot of great swimming holes with the Bromley Rock pool perhaps the best. If you are travelling on Hwy 3, make sure you get a chance and stop here for a dip; the place is great, very kid-friendly and has a large sandy beach.

John Hatten Bromley
Bromley Rock was named after John Hatten Bromley who in the 1890's gold panned throughout and later farmed in the area. This large boulder is situated on the north side of the Similkameen River across from the beach at Bromley Rock Provincial Park and Hwy 3.

Deep Pool
The Bromley Rock swimming hole consists of an area upstream from the park where you can swim and snorkel in some rapids. Downstream, where the Similkameen River takes a large bend, it creates calmer waters providing a large deep pool. Lots of people use Bromley Rock and other various rock outcrops as platforms for either jumping or diving into this deep pool.

Jumping Prohibited
Just remember, though the rocks can be slippery and dangerous when climbing onto them. There is also the chance of hitting submerged rocks under water. With these dangers and the fact that there are no lifeguards present, Bromley Rock Provincial Park policies have made jumping off the rocks prohibited.

Swimming Hazards
Other hazards include the river current which can sometimes be swift posing a swimming difficulty for weak swimmers or small children especially in early summer. If you don't feel comfortable with the possible current dangers, there is a small swimming zone close to the beach that is less hazardous.

Picnic Site
With Bromley Rock Provincial Park being established here, there are picnic tables available if you would like to have a driving or meal break. The picnic tables are located well above the river providing you with a good view of the beach, Bromley Rock and the swimming hole.

Inner Tubing the Similkameen River
Lots of people make Bromley Rock the starting point for inner tubing or floating down the Similkameen River. From here the river allows easy access either above or below the swimming hole to various exit points. One favourite is the trip down river to Stemwinder Provincial Park, especially in the waters downstream from the Hwy 3 Bridge.

Park Facilities
Bromley Rock Provincial Park also provides large pit toilets for swimsuit changing or for bathroom use. There are lots of garbage cans available plus park attendants seem to control litter well making the beach area very clean. Water is available by a hand pump located in the campground.

Campground Sites
If you would like to stay here for a few days there is a small provincial campground with half the campground sites located on the Similkameen River. The campground is situated just downstream from the swimming hole and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

On the River
Please try to arrive early in the day in order to get a site alongside the river or sometimes just a site at all. During the summer months especially during a hot spell this campground can fill up quickly. During September the park crowding eases somewhat and your chances for a river site are much better.

Old Hedley Road
With Bromley Rock being along the busy Hwy 3 route between Penticton and Vancouver, sometimes the swimming hole can become a little crowded and parking hard to find. If you want to avoid the crowds at the beach, try taking the Old Hedley Road from either Princeton or downriver at the Hwy 3 Similkameen River Bridge crossing which is situated just upstream from Stemwinder Provincial Park.

Forest Service Campgrounds
By using the Old Hedley Road, Bromley Rock and other rocky beaches situated on the north side of the river can be accessed. There are also some forest service campsites along this side of the Similkameen River that have access to some rocky beaches and exit points if you're tubing.

Late July to early September
The best time to visit the swimming hole is usually from late July into early September in order to give the Similkameen River a chance to warm up. Unfortunately, before this time the Similkameen, where the headwaters start very close in Manning Park and, the biggest tributary, the Tulameen River, are both still quite cold.


Bromley Rock
Bromley Rock


Sandy Beach at Bromley Rock
Sandy Beach at Bromley Rock


Deep Pool
Deep Pool


Rapids below Bromley Rock
Rapids Below Bromley Rock


Inner Tubing at Bromley Rock
Inner Tubing at Bromley Rock


View From Picnic Site
View From Picnic Site


River View Campground
River View Campground


Just Above Stemwinder Provincial Park
Just Above Stemwinder Provincial Park

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