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Wardner Provincial Park is located about 15 km (9 miles) west of Jaffray and 37 km (23 miles) east of Cranbrook, off Hwy 3/93 in the small Village of Wardner.

Highlight of Park
The main highlight of Wardner Provincial Park is being able to have an access point to the Kootenay River at the north end of Koocanusa Lake. The small park is located on Laurier Street in Wardner where you'll find a day-use parking lot with picnic area and another parking area with a gravel boat launch into the Kootenay River at a slightly different location to the north

Rest Stop
At one time, the park was well used as a rest stop as it was on the original route of Hwy 3 which went through Wardner. Then in 1971, Crowsnest Hwy 3 was re-routed to a new bridge over the Kootenay River, just upstream from Wardner. With the re-routing of the highway, the park's usage dropped off enormously.

Koocanusa Lake
After the completion in Montana of the Libby Dam in 1973 and the flooding of the new reservoir called Koocanusa Lake, a new demand was created for Wardner Provincial Park. Now the parks main purpose is to give local residents and travellers access to the north part of Koocanusa Lake where there are fishing, water sports, and other outdoor recreational opportunities.

Kootenay River
Wardner Provincial Park still serves as a good resting point or place to relax for lunch if you're travelling Hwy 3, with a number of picnic tables with views overlooking the Kootenay River. There are two picnic tables situated at the parking lot on Laurier Street, as well as a pit-toilet. There is a short trail to some other picnic tables that overlook the Kootenay River with Bull Mountain and 'The Steeples' in the view towards the north-east towards Norbury Lake Provincial Park.

Norbury Lake Provincial Park
If you are looking to camp near Wardner Provincial Park in the provincial campground system, you can find some opportunities at Norbury Lake Provincial Park. Once leaving Wardner, travel east on Hwy 3/93 across the Kootenay River Bridge and turn north on the Wardner Fort Steele Road. Travel about 15 km (9miles) through the small community of Bull River to the park gate.

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Wardner Provincial Park
Wardner Provincial Park


Picnic Day-Use Rest Stop
Picnic Day-Use Rest Stop


Boat Launch at Wardner
Boat Launch at Wardner


'The Steeples' towards Norbury Lake
'The Steeples'


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