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Exchamsiks River
Exchamsiks River Provincial Park is located 56 km (35 miles) west of Terrace and 90 km (56 miles) east of Prince Rupert on Hwy 16.

Travelling Here
To get here you have to travel along one of the most scenic stretches of highway in British Columbia. Coming either way from Terrace or Prince Rupert Hwy 16 follows the Skeena River which has carved a path through the Coastal Mountains. You will be amazed at the spectacular beauty of these mountains and the panoramic views of the Skeena River.

Park Highlights
The park's main attraction is a walk from one of the parks day-use area through old-growth giant Sitka spruce rainforest eventually to a 1,219 metre (4,000 feet) high rock gorge next to the Exchamsiks River. The self-guided nature trail features many examples of west coast plants and offers opportunities for viewing wildlife including mountain goats, bears and bald eagles especially during March to April when large numbers accumulate for feeding on the annual Ollichan run in the Skeena River.

Boat Launch Day-Use Area
The other day-use area has picnic tables, fire pits, boat launch and is next to the confluence of the Exchamsiks River into the Skeena River. The concrete boat launch is very handy if you want to explore the Exchamsiks River, the Skeena River or across the Skeena up the Gitnadoix River. Just remember all the rivers in the area have dangerous currents present so watch your children and play things safe.

Although there is signs of a very nice campsite at the boat launch day-use area the park has no official campground present and is not recommended. There is no fresh water available but there are pit toilets available in either of the day-use parking lots. For boaters there is a large area for parking your vehicle and boat trailer right next the boat launch. Officially overnight parking is not allowed.

Exploring the Upper Exchamsiks River
Lots of people make the day-use area of the park as a starting point for exploring the calm waters of the upper Exchamsiks River. This can easily be done by using kayaks, canoes or jet-boats. Fishing is also very popular in the Skeena and Exchamsiks Rivers, both having excellent opportunity for salmon and trout. Please obtain the proper licence requirements before attempting to fish.

Campgrounds Nearby
If you would like to camp out near the Exchamsiks River there is a provincial campground 16 km (10 miles) east of Prince Rupert on Hwy 16 at Prudhomme Lake.

Kasiks Wilderness Resort
There is also the privately owned Kasiks Wilderness Resort only 5 km (3 miles) away from Exchamsiks River Provincial Park. Here you can find a full service resort next to another large tributary of the Skeena River the Kasiks River.

Nearest Supplies
For fuel or other supplies the closest place to get some from Exchamsiks River Provincial Park is either back at the Kitsumkalum Tempo Gas Bar on the west side of Terrace or the general store in Port Edward.

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Exchamsiks River
Exchamsiks River


Nature Walk
Nature Walk


Exchansiks River Boat Launch
Exchansiks River Boat Launch


West Coast Plants
West Coast Plants


Hwy 16 at Exchamsiks River
Hwy 16 at Exchamsiks River

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