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Conkle Lake
Conkle Lake Provincial Park is located north-west of the small community of Rock Creek and south-west of the Rhone Valley  in the Boundary Region of south central British Columbia.

Travelling Here
To get here you have to travel on Hwy 3 east from Osoyoos 6 km (4 miles) past the small settlement of Bridesville to the Johnson Creek-Conkle Lake Forest Service Road (FSR). Or, if you are coming from Rock Creek, the Johnson Creek FSR is 9 km (6 miles) to the west on Hwy 3. There is also the Conkle-Ripperto FSR which starts from the Rhone Valley  which is near the small community of Westbridge. The Conkle-Ripperto FSR has a gate open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Take Caution
If you are travelling in a large RV, such as a motorhome or pulling a fifth-wheel or trailer, do not drive either of these approaches. The route into Conkle Lake, unfortunately, has proven to be too much for vehicles with low clearances. Stories abound, especially in the Rhone Valley, about people ripping out axles, losing brakes or just going off the road so please take caution when travelling here.

Park Highlights
The park highlights of Conkle Lake include outdoor recreation found throughout this area and a very secluded lake. The day-use area of the park has a white sandy beach offering a great swimming area but without the crowds. Conkle Lake has fresh-water fishing available for anglers catching fairly large Rainbow trout. Canoeing and kayaking are also very popular on the lake.

The campground at Conkle Lake Provincial Park contains 34 vehicle-accessible campsites, some of which are set in a fairly private forested area of lodgepole pine and western larch. If you are planning to use a campground at Conkle Lake Provincial Park, reservations cannot be made but are on a first-come, first-served basis. But fortunately because of its remoteness, you can usually get in, except for long-weekends in the summer so it is suggested that you arrive early.

The facilities found at the Conkle Lake campground include well-spaced-out sites, good drinking water from hand pumps found throughout (boiling is advised) and pit style toilets. For boaters there is a restriction of a maximum limit of 10 horsepower with a car-top boat launch available situated near the side of the beach area.

Walking Trails
Also found at Conkle Lake are the two walking trails that are available starting in the park. One trail, called the Falls Trail, which takes you outside the park on an unmaintained path and leads to a small waterfall on East Creek. The other trail, also unmaintained but in really good shape, takes you halfway down the east side of Conkle Lake with views of the beach and lots of wildlife can be seen.

Bear Country
Just remember if you are enjoying the trails and the countryside around Conkle Lake, please remember this is Bear Country. Try to avoid the bush unless you feel comfortable with bears around and take the usual precautions. There is also the possibilities of encounters with wolves or cougars so please play it safe.

Nearest Services at Rock Creek
For supplies or services you can travel into the community of Rock Creek about two hours away on Hwy 3. Once in Rock Creek, there are an Ultra Fuels and Petro-Canada service stations, gift stores, Prospector Pub and the Gold Pan Café. Rock Creek is also close to the small settlement of Kettle Valley where you can find a 9-hole golf course called the Kettle Valley Golf Club and the Kettle River RV Park which is conveniently across from the golf course on Hwy 3.

Adventure Riding
If you happen to like exploring by quads or adventure riding on motorcycles, try taking a loop trip from Hwy 3 down to the Rhone Valley through Conkle Lake. Both the FSRs have beautiful views of the natural geography of the southern climate found in the Boundary Region.

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Conkle Lake
Conkle Lake


View From Johnson Creek-Conkle FSR
View From Johnson Creek-Conkle FSR


Beach at Conkle Lake
Beach at Conkle Lake


Conkle Lake
Conkle Lake


Conkle Lake Trail
Conkle Lake Trail


Beach at Conkle Lake
Beach at Conkle Lake


Conkle-Johnson Creek FSR
Johnson Creek-Conkle FSR


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